Leader or Manager?

It has been said that the manager’s job is to plan, organize and coordinate. The leader’s job is to inspire and motivate. In today’s business environment leadership and management seem to have merged.

What are some of the qualities of a good leader? Integrity, or doing the right thing is at the top of my list. Then comes trustworthiness, because without trust and respect, your employees will not follow you. As a leader, are you passionate, dedicated, and motivated? Are you confident, purposeful and reassuring? Are you steadfast and committed to excellence? Most definitely you are all those things if you are a leader.

Have you ever asked your employees what kind of leader you are? I think most business owners are scared to do so. In this reality check, you may hear answers you will not like. To do this, you first have to listen. Do you listen to the point that you are genuinely interested in your employees and want to find out more of what is behind the general conversation?

Most managers just tell people what to do. A good leader doesn’t think of employees as things that need to be controlled or managed. As a matter of fact, good leaders stop providing solutions, so the employees can make the decisions themselves. Train them well, give them the vision, and get out of their way so they can do their job. You will find that employees who have been empowered to make their own decisions will be far more satisfied and likely to stay with your firm. They feel their value increases. And, it will give you less to do!

A successful leader can be measured by the success of the people that work with them. And, that is another thing; I have never had employees that worked for me, but I have had many who worked with me. Semantics maybe, but there is an attitude difference and your staff will pick up on that also.

Finally, humor is a wonderful thing. Allow some fun in your business. Light heartedness goes a long way to making people more productive and happy.

Are you a leader or manager? Are you merging into one?

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