“My goal is to make a difference in the lives of individuals in the plumbing and electrical industry, from startups to seasoned veterans and everyone else in between; The Plumbers Coach is my means to accomplish that. I believe everyone in the plumbing and electrical industry deserves to make a great living for themselves and their families; I exist to provide the direction, systems, and resources to make that attainable. I am driven by the desire to share my knowledge and help others succeed at the highest level possible, personally and professionally.”

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What are the financials? It is really all the accounting side of your business. Most owners keep a couple of boxes of receipts and take them to the accountant once a year to generate a tax return. Did you know that those numbers the accountant produces, if done correctly, will help you manage your business?

Part of my process is to educate you concerning the financial part of your business. Everything from providing a chart of accounts to teaching some basic accounting terms, so you can communicate with your bookkeeper and accountant. You will not become an accountant, but how will your accountant help you if you do not possess some knowledge of what they are talking about?

Your knowledge of your financials will help you run your business. What percentage should your labor be? How much should your material costs be? Are you spending too little to advertise or too much? How do you know what you should actually charge for your services? I will say that generally, great plumbers do not know what they are worth. They charge too little for their knowledge. With just a little information, I can help you get where you need to be to charge your customers fairly for a great plumbing service where you can actually make money.

Some of the areas and reports you will learn about is your Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and Cash Flows report. You will learn what each area of your business should be costing you and how to fix it if out of line. It is just like a plumbing system. If you know what is wrong, with my help, you can fix it.



What is Operations? It is everything from the time the phone rings until the check is in the bank! There are a lot of moving parts on the operations side of your business and you need to establish a system for every part of it.

How is the phone answered? How do you dispatch the jobs to your technicians? How do you present options of repair to your customers? When do you collect payment? You need operational systems in place so your people know what should be done in each situation and to be consistent. Consistency helps you manage your business much more easily.

What numbers should you view daily to know where your business is heading? Who should compile those numbers? When you look at all that should be done, it could appear to be overwhelming. I will work with you to put those systems in place to create a well operated business.

Productivity reports for the office and the field. Are you reaching your goals? What should be measured on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? My Office and Technician Daily Tracking Report™ can be run for any time period to give you the information you need.

How are you pricing your jobs? My simplified CustomerOptions™ Pricing will help with that.

Do you have state of the art software to capture your jobs, invoice them in the field on an iPad and electronically send them back to the office to link to your accounting? With the help of FieldWorx Software™, you can be brought into the 21st century.



Staffing is the process of attracting, hiring, positioning, training, and overseeing employees. Where did you get your experience in this facet of your business? Trade school doesn’t teach it. Do you know where to look or what to look for when hiring members of your team?

You at some point will need to hire a customer service representative, a bookkeeper, skilled technicians, plumbers and electricians. Do you know what each job entails? Do you have job descriptions and know what questions to ask with they come to your office for an interview?
At best, you are just taking a wild guess and telling everyone you cannot find good help. “They just don’t know what they are doing.” I have heard this statement for years. The problem, you don’t know what you are doing and you are the problem. Let me help you overcome the obstacles by teaching you and providing the resources needed to become the hiring guru in your area.

What will you do for training those individuals? We can point you to the resources to make your staff the most capable and productive in your area. With training, your staff will make your company the best. And, once you are the best, people will just show up wanting a job with your company. Having a successful, profitable company will make a lot of things easier. Finding quality staff is one of those advantages.

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