2 Day Service and Communication Training

The Professional Tradesman©

Join the other smart plumbers from Atlanta to Houston who have learned the right skill and mind set to be a true professional.

The Professional Tradesman is a two day extensive training program that the results will be higher ticket averages, higher revenue, increased earnings, increased loyalty members, and more requests for you from clients! The Professional Tradesman© will explore the proper procedures for running a routine service call, customer communication, and the right skill and mind set to be a true professional.

What you will learn:

  • Communication skills to close the job

  • How to deal with  potential/ new clients

  • Best practices for service calls

  • Customer Communications

In this class, participants will learn essential communication skills: listening, asking insightful questions and recognizing the power of non-verbal communication. They will learn how to combine voice tone, body language, and verbal communication that engages others. Plus, they will also learn that controlling the conversation and asking the right questions to uncover the customers’ needs, will help them adjust their message accordingly.

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