Why You Need a Coach

I know there are many people who think that a business coach is a waste of time and money. So, let’s think about something. PGA golfers are the best golfers in the world and make millions of dollars playing the game of golf. Each one of them have a coach. Professional Major League Baseball players have a coach, a batting coach, and a pitching coach. National Football League players have a coach, a line coach, a backs coach, a receivers coach, and a quarterbacks coach. Every sport has coaches even at the highest level.

Even CEO’s of major corporations have had coaches. Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), and Eric Schmidt (Google) have all used coaches. Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever received was to hire an executive coach. Tony Robbins is known by most as a great motivational speaker and personal coach. Tony Robbins had Jim Rohn as a coach, plus five others. Why do all these people have coaches? No one is perfect. Someone has to keep you motivated, focused, point out your shortcomings, acknowledge your strengths and help keep the goal in site. Coaches see things you can’t see, say things you can’t say, and know things you don’t know.

Besides providing systems and organization for your business, a coach can help with objective and constructive feedback on your blind spots. A coach can provide an outside perspective on your business and your team. A coach is someone to work on ideas and strategy with to grow your business. Everyone needs a sounding board to bounce ideas off of that doesn’t have a vested interest in the business. Generally, the people around you are impacted by your ideas and the decisions you make, so their advice may not be best for the business. Your coach does not have a competing agenda.

A good coach is also the other type of sounding board. He is someone to catch the frustrations, anger, and disappointments that impair good judgement and relationships. Everyone needs a safe place to complain, vent, and talk things out. Plus, you need to continually upgrade your skills and be exposed to a different way of thinking. Your coach will provide tools, training and insights that support you to make you the best you can be.

Coaching is not advice from your friends and family. They mean well, but they generally are never objective. They are going to push you in one direction or the other, because your decisions affect them as well. A coach is someone who has experience, knows what failed in the past, connects well with people, shares their business knowledge and perspective, and works with you to achieve your dreams of success. Coaching is a partnership where you and your coach determine the destination and a step-by-step plan to get you there. Where do you want to go today?

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