What the Customer Wants

If you are a service plumber, electrician, HVAC tech – you are not in the construction business. You are in the people business. It just so happens that this people business involves mechanical systems that require a good education, state and local licenses, the ability to work with your hands and be somewhat of a phycologist in dealing with customers.

It also means that you generally know more than the customer when it comes to those mechanical  systems. When you are in their home, don’t you feel obligated to do as much research as possible to give the customer their money’s worth? If you see something that isn’t quite right, shouldn’t you point it out and offer to fix it while you are there? Well, there are many technicians that don’t feel that way. They do not want to “push” additional services because they feel the customer can’t afford it (that is called thinking with their own pocketbook) or they don’t want the customer to feel we are just attempting to “sell” them something. Actually, that is terrible thinking and it does a great injustice to the customer.

When you take your car or truck to the repair shop for an oil change, and mechanic tells you your right rear tire is almost flat and the cord is showing, is he trying to “sell” you something? If he points out the air cleaner is nasty and your fuel milage and engine will be harmed without changing it, is he trying to “sell” you something? No. He is attempting to use his knowledge and offer you a solution that will save you money and inconvenience at a later date.

I recently changed family doctors. I was happy with the doctor I had, but not the new ownership of the practice. They had forgotten what customer service was, so I changed. My new doctor reviewed all my records and was fairly pleased, but then asked if I had ever had a certain kind of test. My answer was no. I could have declined because I had no difficulty, no symptoms, no pain, no indication there was anything wrong. I could have been thinking like your technicians; “He’s just trying to sell me something.” That simple test probably saved my life. That simple test found something very wrong that resulted in a 5-hour surgery and 6 days in the ICU! I guess the doctor was just trying to “sell” me something.

How many times doing plumbing have you checked under a cabinet and found a leak that had ruined the items in the cabinet as well as the bottom of the cabinet? Or that the water heater started leaking and it could have flooded the house? If you offer additional service, what is the worst thing the customer can say? “NO!” I truly believe that many technicians never went on a date until some girl asked them out since the word “NO” is so scary.

Our job is to provide world class service in a customer’s home. Fix or replace what they called about and look for other areas that need improvement. If that results in additional sales and a higher ticket average, so be it. I have taken more complaints because the technician DID NOT do something while there, rather than what he did. So, change your thinking and provide service like your customer has never seen before. Give them Options, do Inspections, and offer additional service while you are there. You customers will thank you for it and be more pleased with your service.

If you need improvement in your plumbing or electrical service business, give me a call at 727.451.9160 or email KeithGlass@thePlumbersCoach.com to discuss taking you to the next level. It is hard work, but those who pay the price reap the financial rewards. This is what I do all day, every day and I can make a difference in your business.

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