Your Business Sucks

This morning I got an inquiry through my website. The business owner was interested in Financials, Operations, and Staffing. Then there was the question, “What is your consultation rate per hour?”

My response was “I really don’t have one,” and I don’t. So, I ask. “Do you have a few minutes today for us to talk?”

His response, “Okay, so you just want me to buy into your program?”

I responded, “It doesn’t work that way. I think your business should be worth a conversation.”

Well, he passed. And, it is his loss. Once I find out what people are looking for, I generally give them some “No Charge” information over the phone. No strings attached. First, I need to understand what they are looking for, how long they have been in business, etc. The more I know, the more I can help.

What if you called your doctor and asked what his hourly rate is? I am fairly sure the doctor would say, well can we talk about what is going on with you? Why are business owners so close-minded? I say all along, most plumbers are great at their trade, but not very good businessmen.

A friend of mine, Heather Ripley, the CEO of Ripley Public Relations, recently attended a seminar where she heard this;

“If your business sucks, it’s because you suck! Those words are tough to hear, but when I heard a former client say that to a standing-room-only group of hundreds of business owners, the next thing I noticed was everyone collectively holding their breath, a little shocked, waiting for his next words. He went on to talk about our businesses being an extension of us – our bad habits, our character flaws – these things all show through every day. He said to the crowd, “you show me your customer satisfaction, your growth and revenue numbers, and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are!”” She went on to say, “The great news about this, is I AM IN CONTROL.”

It takes a big person to admit they don’t know everything; none of us do. And generally, this speaker is exactly correct. Your business is a direct reflection of you. Your business has all of your flaws and you cannot see it. Plus, your ego is too big to ask for help.

My focus is helping plumbing companies grow to their potential to provide steady employment for its employees, owners, and a future for their children. Do I know everything? No, but I do know all the little things it takes to make a great, successful plumbing company. When someone asks you to have a conversation about your company, do it! You just might learn something.

If I can help you enhance your business, contact me at This is what I do all day, every day!

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