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I am sure you have heard the term; build it and they will come. It’s based on the movie Field of Dreams. Build a baseball field in the middle of nowhere and people will show up to watch baseball. There is much more to the story than that, but using that thought, think of your business. You cannot deliver what you don’t have. You cannot sell what you cannot provide.

We sell a service. And to deliver that service we need a constant flow of manpower. Manpower is the main key to success in the plumbing business. A tech can only do so many jobs in a day. The more techs, the more jobs. When there is an abundance of technicians, we can actually slow the tech down; spend more time with the customer; eliminate call backs due to being rushed; and offer up-grades to the service they require. The ticket values go up because the tech is more efficient and so do the profits of the company.

This has been a trying year. We cannot find enough good people to employ to handle the work load. Many of my clients have started training programs to teach those who want to learn. Hire for attitude and communication skills, and teach them the trade. If you are not doing some inhouse training to build your staff, you are losing business.

I have also noticed that the true businessman-plumber is growing the business at a rate never seen before. The plumber who just happened to be in business, is down to one truck and a helper. Some have gone to work for the other guy. The Covid scare probably eliminated many of those who should not have been in business anyway. No systems, no guidelines, no budget, no goals; just do most things by the seat of their pants and make the wrong decisions. That is not a businessman. The growing ones are the businessmen. The plumber in business is the one who sold off his trucks and are down to only themselves.

A new year is coming. Now is the time to get the help you need to grow your business profit and become a businessman. Notice, I didn’t say sales. Profit – the money you get to keep – is why you are in business. Anyone can generate sales. Only a good businessman makes a good profit. I believe if you hire the people, and let the public know you are there, your phone will ring. However, if you keep doing everything the same way, you still will not make the profit you deserve. Let me help you become the businessman-plumber. This is what I do, all day, every day.

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