Why Do You Work Here?

When is the last time you actually pulled up a seat, sat down, and talked with the people who work with you? What are their goals? Why are they working? And, why are they working for you? The answers, if everyone is truthful, may surprise you.

Most everyone needs to make a living. There is rent to pay, food to purchase, a family to take care of – you know, the basic necessities of life. These people can work for a lot of companies to achieve this. So, why are they working for you?

You placed an ad to fill a position, and you selected the person you thought could do a good job for your business. They in turn bought into your company and hitched their wagon to yours because they needed the job, thought they could be useful and happy with the position you offered. After a brief period of time, maybe 90 days, you do a review. How does that conversation go? What do you talk about besides their ability to do the job you hired them for?

The annual review for a plumbing technician is almost a waste of time for all concerned. They are evaluated on their performance daily, weekly, and monthly. It is an on-going process. If it is not, you have a management problem. I remember working for a very colorful figure for several years. He would call weekly and I would provide my sales numbers, job count and manpower number. If it was good, he would always say, “You get to keep your job for another week.” We did not need an annual evaluation to know how I was performing.

I go back to the original question; why are they working for you? You need to know this answer. If people are doing a great job and staying with your company, there is a reason more than a paycheck. If you are having constant turnover, there is a reason they are leaving. So why are they staying? If you can get these wonderful people to open up, it will help you make it even better. So much of what I am asking is based on the culture you have created. A great culture creates a family like atmosphere. Everyone works well together, they take care of each other, and they help point out the strengths and weaknesses of all team members. So, what are you doing right that makes them happy and want to come to work every day?

Great culture creates great companies. Successful companies. Companies that grow every year. That break records all the time. And, everyone stays because it is a great place to work. You need to ask each and every employee that works WITH you, why they like working for your company. (I have never had anyone work for me – all have worked with me.) This is an attitude that can help build the right culture for your business. Pull out your note pad, or your smart phone, and start compiling your list. Ask each and every person, “Why do you work here?” I am sure you will learn a lot about yourself, your management style, the true value of your business, and what motivates all who work there.

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