Why Are You in the Plumbing Business?

I have often said that plumbers end up being business owners for two reasons. The first one is they thought they could do it better than the boss they were working for. The second reason is they had already worked for every plumbing company in town, and needed to put food on the table. And every now and then, you find someone who grew up in the business and can’t think of doing anything else.

Don’t be offended. I have said this in many crowded rooms full of plumbers, and generally they laugh and nod their heads. There is a lot of truth in those statements. Nowhere along this path of destiny is there any schooling for business ownership. Putting pipe together to create sanitary drainage and potable water is a piece of cake compared to running the business.

Now you have to hire capable people who interact with your customers. You have to make payroll every week, which means you are now responsible for another family besides your own! You have to become a fleet manager, an inventory manager, an advertising guru, a human resources manager, an accountant, a banker (depending on which segment of the plumbing industry you are in), a counselor, chief cook and bottle washer. And, the list go on. Sometimes you have to remind yourself what business you are really in.

I’m not going to show you how to be a plumber. But, I can surely make your life as a business owner much better.  I can provide the statistics, the systems, the pricing, and show you how to make a good living for your staff and you. I can also provide the counseling, coaching, and mentoring to help you make sound decisions. You just will not make as many mistakes with someone to guide you. This guidance is not free, but the ROI is the best you will ever receive. It will last a lifetime.

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