Don’t Answer That Phone!

Small contractors start out doing everything. They wear all the hats. Their title is “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.” Since they just started this business they feel they cannot afford to pay a full time person to answer the phone. Plus, as the owner, they feel they can answer that phone just as good as anyone, and they can answer the caller’s questions. As a plumbing contractor, you cannot fix it on the phone and generally, what’s wrong in the customer’s mind is never as it appears. So, you can do it better? The object of answering the phone is to book the call, and nothing more. And, Mr. Owner, you are terrible at it.

Some of the customer complaints I have heard over the years is the tech was on the phone while in the customer’s home. The customer feels they did not get valve because they did not get the full attention of the technician. Then the customer starts complaining that the bill is too high because you were on the phone most of the time. They did not feel the love….

Now, you are the owner of the business. What is that customer going to say? I guess you don’t need to call the office to give them that discount because you answered the phone. Or, do you just let the caller go to voicemail and you will call them back in a few minutes. By then, they already have another plumber coming to their home. Another lost job.

You need to hire someone to handle that most important job – answering the phone. I am going to give you some numbers that will make you go hire a customer service representative today! Put a pencil to what you are losing. If you only work five days a week, have a low ticket average of $300.00, and lose one job a day, it equates to $78,000 in the next 12 months. If you are half decent at presenting options to the customers and your ticket is $500.00 that becomes $130,000 in the next 12 months!

Most plumbers lose enough work doing a terrible job answering the phone, that they could get another truck up and running, increasing the sales, and increasing the profit of the business. When the phone is not being answered, there is plenty of paperwork for this office person to handle, which will give you, the owner, more time to market your business and interview new technicians. This is just another step to make your business successful.

If you need some help going to that next step, contact me. This is what I do all day, every day. The guidance is not free, but it will be the best ROI you will ever receive.

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