Communication is Key!

Do you have a system of running a service call? Have you ever ridden with your technicians to see what they actually do?

How well do your techs communicate with your office? Have you ever thought that they communicate with your customers the same way? That is a scary thought!

Send them to my class and let me educate them on running an effective service call and to communicate better at work, with your customers and at home with their family. We will learn essential communications skills like listening, asking the right questions, seeing how body language and facial expressions can make a real difference. Plus, also learn to control the conversation and uncover the customer’s real needs through probing questions. This will increase the ticket average and leave your customers happier about calling your company.

Part of the communication skill is also learning to “read” your customers. You have to approach different people differently based on their personality. What might work on some will not work on all. When you leave this class your tickets will improve, your relationships will improve, and you will understand yourself better. The Professional Tradesman© class will help everyone!

The training location is in the Tampa Bay Area, in Dunedin, Florida. Dunedin (pronounced Dun -E- Din) is a wonderful community on the Intracoastal Waterway with great restaurants and shops, all within walking distance.

Training Dates: Wednesday and Thursday. October 2nd and 3rd, 2019

Training Location: Holiday Inn Express, Dunedin, FL

There is limited seating. Make your reservations now! Call 727.451.9160 or email with the attendee’s names and your payment information to book the class.

Book now for The Professional Tradesman©!

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