Career Goal: Mediocre

We hear the terms mediocre and mediocrity frequently, but have you stopped to understand what that is? Being mediocre is being so-so and some people can live with so-so. I really don’t think your career goal was to be mediocre, was it?

The meaning of mediocre is the state of low quality, value, ability or performance. So if you are happy with so-so, you have no problem with providing low quality. Your customers don’t want good value, your technical ability is bad and your lackluster performance is terrible. Is that really who your think you are? Probably not.

However, your business is not flourishing. You struggle every week to pay the bills and make payroll. You thought when you hung your shingle, so to speak, and opened a plumbing company that your phone would ring off the hook. You would not be able to keep up with all the work. You thought you were special, right? Funny how that happens to so many people. Have you thought of asking for help? And, if you did look for help, you also thought it was free, right? Everybody wants something for free. When is the last time you actually got something of value for free? NEVER!

I learned early in life that you reap what you sow. Sowing is making an investment in the future. If you don’t invest your time to learn and your money for a good instructor, is the future going to be different?

I met with a company last week that has been in business for 15 years. They don’t think they are going to make it, I was told. They can’t find people to do the work! There is not one plumbing company out here that has enough people. The pool of workers is too low for the need. Let face it, who wants to be a plumber when you can get a college degree and make millions of dollars, right? Yes, college degree, forty-thousand dollars in student loans, and cannot find a job. So, not only is that company’s owners not willing to hire differently, but that is not all the issue. They lack focus, but cannot see it. I saw that within the first 15 minutes of conversation. I could pay for myself in the first 60 days, but they are not willing to invest in themselves. They would just rather be mediocre and struggle to get by.

If the life of mediocrity if all you want, so be it. But, if you want more and want your business to flourish, it is time to make that investment in yourself. There are several good organizations that can provide the help you need. They offer what the model business looks like, provide you with some key performance indicators to track, and give you a call now and then to see how you are doing.

If you need someone who actually cares and will give you the information you need along with some direction, you need to give me a call for one on one personal business coaching. We will put mediocrity in the rear view mirror and help you fulfill your goals and dreams.

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