The Ultimate Customer Experience© Class

The Ultimate Customer Experience focuses on the mindset of SERVICE. Businesses need to be sure that everything that is said and done for the customer is done with the intent to give the customer extraordinary service. Most companies today simply “process” their customers through their systems. But “serving” your customers is a mindset of treating them well, making them feel special, engaging with them, doing what is right, and to work in the customer’s best interest.

This mindset point is where most companies fail today. Understanding this and why, is where your company can thrive. As soon as your staff is hired into your business, you need to start ingraining the culture and service mindset into their minds. Once they feel it and embrace the service culture and mindset, they’ll be much more likely to deliver it.

By taking this class, your customer service staff will become more flexible and inspirational communicators. The skills they will learn will enable them to engage with customers better and deliver the ultimate customer experience with energy and commitment. We will focus on the communication skills foundation of listening, asking insightful questions, tone of voice, and language that engages others. Your customer service staff will be able to communicate their message more clearly, confidently and effectively.

Additionally, it is not fun being on the receiving end of a frustrated, angry caller who is shouting because they have had a bad customer experience. It seems like the customers are out for revenge, particularly when their issues are not your fault. Your staff will learn a powerful process to calm angry callers and regain control of the conversation. After regaining control, they will learn how to diffuse the caller’s strong emotions and to refocus on collaboratively resolving the issues.

Lastly, a great dispatcher can increase your operating profit. How to prioritize what jobs are important and what can be re-scheduled without upsetting the customer is the key. With so few technicians and so much work, this method will allow you to capture the more profitable jobs, but not lose any of them. This is a must for anyone dispatching your technicians.

Monday & Tuesday, September 25 – 26, 2017 are the dates for your calendar. There is limited seating. Make your reservations now! Call 727.451.9160 or email

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