The Types of Owners

I have encountered many different types of owners and managers in my career. Some are worth their weight in gold and with others, I am amazed at how they have survived in business.

The “Super Tech” loves being in the truck. He just loves his customers and working with his hands. It gives him a sense of pride and accomplishment at the end of the day. He does not like the office and does not know what to do when he is there. He relies heavily on others to run his company and can easily be taken advantage of. He is trainable, but you really have to push him to manage his people and learn the numbers of the business.

The “Student” is a really good tech that understands he cannot do it all. He started as a one man operation and wanting his business to grow, he needed to “multiply” himself. He sought out help from a best practices group and also hired a plumbing business coach. He has a teachable spirit and follows the advice given. In three years, he has gone from 2 technicians to 8 and he is still hiring. He rewards his people, treats them like family and with his reputation, they are now just walking up to his business looking for a new home.

The “Teacher” knows everyone’s job and knows how to teach those jobs to others. He teaches the theory, trains you with the skills required, then steps aside and lets you do your job. He is not a micro-manager. When you trip and fall, he helps pick you up, sets you straight and gets out of your way again. He is easy to praise others. His employees love working with him as he gives them a sense of accomplishment daily. He also has a good deal of business knowledge, pays attention to his benchmarks, and is very profitable.

Then there is “Mr. Perfect” – I don’t know what else to call him. He started the business because he could do it better than the last company he worked for. No one can sell the job better than him; Or perform the job better than him; Or build relationships better than him; His office staff is incompetent because they can’t answer the phone as good as him; His office can’t schedule the jobs as good as him; He never knows any of his financials, except what is in the bank; and he cannot keep employees. He is a micro-manager and is very critical of everyone’s performance. His employees receive no training and he complains that they can’t do the job. The so called bookkeeper does not know how to properly use QuickBooks, but he will not provide any training. There is just not anyone as good as him. That is why I call him “Mr. Perfect.”

What type of owner or manager are you?

In my job, I am used to making decisions quickly. When I hear someone can’t keep good employees, my first response is for them to look in the mirror for the problem. I’m right 95% of the time. I know that your employees are a direct reflection of you the owner. You set the pace, the values, the attitudes and the direction for everyone who works in your business.

If an employee leaves you, what did you NOT do to help that person grow, achieve and accomplish their dreams? If a good employee leaves, did you fail them? Before you let anyone go, did you provide them with proper training? Did you give them a pat on the back when deserved? Did you know their dreams and goals?

If you are an owner or even a manager, your people and their family hitch their wagon to you and your business. That is a very large responsibility to shoulder. Are you carrying your load today?

If you are the “Super Tech”, the “Student”, or the “Teacher” and need that shove to the next level, I can help. It does not matter if your business is $500 thousand or $5 million, I know that I can boost your profit. It is what I do all day, every day.

But if you are Mr. Perfect, I can’t help. Don’t bother calling.

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