The Doctor is In

No one likes to go see the doctor. Generally it is unpleasant because you are not feeling well, or something hurts. You put it off as long as possible and attempt to treat yourself. Maybe you use some home remedy, or something over the counter, or try a method a friend told you about. Some people will even get on line and hunt for a cure, but generally you come away feeling worse. With reviewing all those diseases, you now have no clue what is wrong with you! The last resort is to spend the money, go see the doctor, get a prescription and generally you start feeling better quickly. You could have gone sooner and you might be over it by now! Wow, what a thought!

You are the same one that treats your business the same way you treat you. The business is not doing very well and you keep trying anything you can think of to fix it. You are working 16 to 18 hours a day, six to seven days a week. You don’t see your family as you should because you think you are doing your best to provide for them. But, are you?

Did you get your MBA doing plumbing? Who do you go to when the business is not going well? Maybe there is a friend, but what does he know? You really do not want to admit to anyone that your future is not very bright. Your pride does get in the way, and you don’t want to be viewed as a failure. If you are real sick and don’t go to the doctor, you may die. Do you want your business to die? When you close the doors of the business, that is what occurs. The business dies along with all those dreams you had. The excitement of the first day in business is gone and now the depression sets in.

I talk to owners of plumbing businesses every week. After a discussion on their business, 99% of them say I could really use you. But, sometimes they don’t and I wonder why. I generally pay for myself in the first 30 to 60 days. On my initial visit with one client, I reviewed their pricing strategy and found some flaws. Once corrected, I ask the question, “How will this affect you this year?” The response even made me stagger. “Well, that will add $900,000 dollars in sales to my business this year.” Quickest ROI I have ever seen.

Why would you continue to let you dreams pass, and your business almost fail without seeing the doctor? How can you not see the doctor when the doctor will even give you the prescription you need? You want your dreams to come true?

The doctor is in. When will you set aside you pride and let the doctor, err coach help?

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