The Magic Silver Bullet

It is very hard to believe that September is here. This year has gone by so quickly that I have to come to a stop, and reflect back, so I can determine what I did! That being the case, did you accomplish what you set out to do? Did you attain your goals?

I guess the first question should be “Did you set a goal for this year?” I find that when I ask, “How was your year” the answer generally is “okay.” But, when I pry into their business and ask, “Did you reach your goals,” then I get a different answer. For the most part, just about everyone I know is having a good year. Yes, it got slow in August, but September is here and October is coming. The fourth quarter is always kicking in residential plumbing.

If you did not set a goal, then why not? And, if you did and did not achieve it, why not? I have had so many inquires this year about what I do, and I find many of the business owners already know what they should be doing, but have yet to do so. Some don’t know how; some don’t really want to work for it; or some are still looking for that magic silver bullet that makes everything fall into place. Sorry to tell you, there is no magic silver bullet. A successful business is doing a lot of little things right, and consistently doing those little things.

If you don’t know what to do to improve your business, I can help. If you know what to do and need an accountability partner, I can help there too. If you want process and procedure systems put in place, or dispatching software, or QuickBooks – I am your man. But, if you just want to show up to a Magic Silver Bullet meeting, give them $15,000, they give you all the answers and it just happens – well I am here to tell you, it doesn’t work that way.

I have run the business; I have owned the business; and I have successfully worked with over 400 contractors to improve theirs. Just remember, a great business model with no one to help you implement it, is a waste of your money. I can provide all that you need to make your business successful. If you can work with me, I will help you build a great business. Your family deserves that. Stop living payday to payday. I’ll help you reach your dreams. Get more information at

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