Are You a Leader?

As a business owner, many people would probably consider you a leader. You hire people to work for you company. Those people put their future and the future of their family in your hands. They are attempting to fulfill their dreams through your business. But, just because you own a business does not mean you know how to lead.

It is said that leaders are born, not made. That is true in some circumstances. Influencing others comes naturally to some. Just because you decided to open a business does not mean you can lead.

I was reading something on social media and a plumbing business owner was complaining about his employees. They are never on time; they use the wrong materials; they put too much stock on their truck; they look sloppy; their work is sloppy; they call him with every problem; on and on. Plus, he cannot keep employees. What this business owner can’t grasp is he is THE problem.

He is too bossy; is not listening; is slow to adapt; he never says thank you; if you make a decision he gets upset because it is always wrong; he is never wrong; he has no systems in place for anything; his coaching is pure criticism; he will not purchase the tools you need because there is no money, but he just bought a new truck. Does any of this sound familiar?

Their are terrible leaders and terrible owners. My job is to help people like this become successful in spite of themselves. But, many do not have any vision. They view my services like purchasing a tool. They don’t understand that once you get an education of how to run the business and treat your employees, it will last a life time. So after some discussion, when I cannot engage them with my services, I just step back and determine, they don’t want success. They probably would not know what to do with it. They like the struggle. At least it gives them something to complain about.

If you really want to learn to succeed, I am available to help. Look into the mirror and view the real roadblock to your success.

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