Another Year Gone

I just looked up and wondered, where did it go? The year just started yet the kids are back in school. Where did this year go? You said, “I’m going to improve my business this year. I’m going to start doing the things I need to do to make my businesses better and more profitable.” Well, what did you do?

As a business coach, I hear all the time – I have to do this first; or that first; or maybe in just a little while after I get this done…. I know you have great intentions, but they say the road to you know where is paved in good intentions. Procrastination is not your friend. If you planned a family like you plan for your business, no more children will be born. There is never a perfect time, except now! I had to adopt the, “do it now” mentality. It works much better and I get a lot more done.

Fear is probably also a factor. Fear that you will not change; fear the changes you make will not work; fear that you will not recoup your investment; fear that you are a failure; fear that you will not actually do something to benefit your family. That fear can paralyze you.

I actually had a potential client tell me “We need the help, but do not need another person telling us what to do. We have tried this before. We did not make any changes and I don’t want to constantly be feel bad when we don’t accomplish something.” Unbelievable!

How can a person who is failing or not accomplishing their goals be unwilling to learn to do better. No accountability. No accomplishment. No success. I cannot believe some people do not want to provide all that they can for their family. The word lazy comes to mind. Lazy will never succeed. Do nothing, expect nothing, get nothing.

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