Why Us

There are companies and organizations that promise a lot of things to improve your business. With some of these you end up with a box of books that will just gather dust on the shelf and maybe a few other items that might seem useful. Some will offer a beginning class to help you start to understand the management part of the business. Many today have a bunch of videos with good content, but, no one ever shows you what to do or how to do it. Much of the issue is, they have never done it, so they don’t know what you are going through. When you ask an operational question, they can’t answer it. They generally will just refer you to a page in that dusty book you never opened and expect you to understand the step by step process needed. That is almost like being taught how to drive the car, by someone who has never driven! Or, an author who wrote a book about rearing children by someone who is unmarried and has no children!

Being-DifferentSome of these companies have several coaches for you to use. One for finances, one for marketing, one for staffing your company, one for whatever, but none have ever been a plumber, or ever been in a plumbing truck. They really do not know what you need or what your issues are. They will just cram you into some one-size-fits-all mold. Sometimes that can be effective, but nowhere near as good as it should be.

My process works like this. I am coming to visit you to see firsthand what you are experiencing and tailor a program to what you need for YOUR business. I have been in the field and in the ditch, and have owned the business and run the business. Along the way I have helped over 400 plumbing contractors and have a lot of knowledge to share with you. So you can truly have firsthand knowledge of how it should be done. And, how to do it profitably. I will provide the systems and instruments needed to put you where you want to be. All I need from you is the desire and willingness to work at a new way of doing some things.

Detailed personal business coaching for plumbing contractors. The Plumbers Coach™.


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