Staffing is the process of attracting, hiring, positioning, training, and overseeing employees. Where did you get your experience in this facet of your business? Plumbing trade school doesn’t teach it. Do you know where to look or what to look for when hiring members of your team?

You at some point will need to hire a customer service representative, a bookkeeper, skilled technicians and plumbers. Do you know what each job entails? Do you have job descriptions and know what questions to ask with they come to your office for an interview?

140303_we_are_hiringAt best, you are just taking a wild guess and telling everyone you cannot find good help. “They just don’t know what they are doing.” I have heard this statement for years. The problem, you don’t know what you are doing and you are the problem. Let me help you overcome the obstacles by teaching you and providing the resources needed to become the hiring guru in your area.

What will you do for training those individuals? We can point you to the resources to make your staff the most capable and productive in your area. With training, your staff will make your plumbing company the best. And, once you are the best, people will just show up wanting a job with your company. Having a successful, profitable company will make a lot of things easier. Finding quality staff is one of those advantages.

Detailed personal business coaching for plumbing contractors. The Plumbers Coach™.

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