You’re a great plumber!

But are you a manager and leader? 

John is a fantastic plumber. There is not a drain line that he cannot open, or a water main that he cannot fix, or a faucet he cannot rebuild. While he knows everything plumbing, he found that he did not know how to read a profit and loss statement or know what a balance sheet is for. He has no processes for the office, and staffing for the office and field has brought dismal results.

Then John began to realize that it took him years to become a great plumber. He had classes to attend to learn the technical part of plumbing and worked under a good master to learn the hands-on part of the trade. Maybe he needed to invest in himself to learn how to run a successful business. He already knows how to be the technician. Now, he must now learn how to be a good manager and a good leader.

I can help John and you fix your business by teaching you about your financials and providing systems to improve your day to day operations.   I can provide you with job descriptions and give you expertise in staffing your company. You and your family deserve a profitable business. Let’s face it, you see your family very little and they are the reason you work so hard! Let me help you fix that! You can become a successful manager, and start working on becoming a great leader!

Hi! My name is Keith Glass. I offer coaching tailored to your specific needs. After a visit to your office to examine your business, I will provide a detailed report and action plan to improve:

  • Financials
  • Operations
  • Staffing

Then, provide you with the fine tuning implements YOU need for YOUR business!

Together, we will create a business strategy with an action plan and you will have a personal coach to keep you accountable. Once the proper systems are in place, we will transform your business into a profitable, well oiled machine to help you achieve the lifestyle your deserve! Not only will you be a great plumber, but also know how to run a profitable business.

Detailed personal business coaching for plumbing contractors. The Plumbers Coach™.


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