Keith Glass is a seasoned professional in the plumbing industry. For ten years he successfully operated locations for a national company that had extremely low turn-over, and high growth. Keith owned and operated a new construction plumbing company, and determined first hand why the service side of the business is much more profitable. For the last twelve years, Keith has worked with franchise locations and independent contractors across the US and Canada.


To date, he has impacted over 400 locations with pricing strategies, daily tracking systems, budgeting , financial expertise and hiring. He has a proven track record of improving sales, but more importantly creating systems that make sense to improve day to day operations while creating a strong profitable bottom line.

Keith believes in getting involved in your business so he can work along with you to teach and give you the instruments you need to make your business the most successful in your area.

Call him today to find out more of what he can do for you.

Detailed personal business coaching for the plumbing contractor. The Plumbers Coach™.




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